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Welcome to Sally's Sunflowers

by Gilly Page Jewellery

Sunflowers symbolise joy, hope, happiness, positivity, friendship, warmth and love.

Sunflowers grow tall and strong even in adverse conditions making them symbols of strength and resilience.

Sunflowers bright yellow petals radiate energy and symbolise positivity and joy.

Celebrating Sunflowers symbolism of joy, hope, positivity, happiness, love, strength, resilience and friendship Sally’s Sunflowers is a collection of eco silver jewellery, organic and responsibly sourced cotton clothing and accessories inspired by Sally, my best friend who always turned her face towards the sunshine in search of the light just as Sunflowers do and who spread sunshine wherever she went ...

To continue to spread the sunshine wherever you are and help the environment too a packet of Sally’s Sunflower Seeds is included with each purchase as Sunflowers huge smiling faces are giant landing pads for Bees and other pollinating insects.

20% of the profit from each purchase is donated to Primrose Hospice Children’s Bereavement Team supporting children and teenagers dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Thank you for helping me to Spread The Sunshine


Gilly 🌻




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