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Joy & Sunshine Citrine & Rose Quartz Wellness Bracelet


This Joy & Sunshine Citrine & Rose Quartz Wellness Bracelet is your personal piece of positivity, sunshine and love from Sally’s Sunflowers.


Find Your Sunshine

This Joy & Sunshine Citrine & Rose Quartz Wellness Bracelet is your own personal piece of joy & sunshine from Sally’s Sunflowers.

Sunflowers Symbolise









Wear The Sunshine

Wearing and having Sunflowers close to you radiates joyfulness, positivity, happiness, energy and friendship.

Citrine is known as the light maker.
Citrine’s yellow hue reflects vibrant uplifting energy to bring sunshine and light into all areas of your life.

Wearing Citrine will help keep your energy feeling bright and sunny.

Citrine radiates positive, bright and happy energy filling your soul with positivity and Rose Quartz symbolises unconditional love.

Combining Citrine and Rose Quartz with a silver Sunflower talisman creating a piece of jewellery that is sunshine for your soul.

Made With Meaning Worn With Feeling

I personally handmade each Joy & Sunshine Citrine and Rose Quartz wellness bracelet using eco silver clay and recycled silver wire, Citrine chips and Rose Quartz beads.

I individually hand drawn each Sunflower into eco silver clay making each talisman individual and unique and personalise each Sunflower with an initial of your choice.

Each Sunflower talisman measures approximately 2cm with eight petals to represent the eight meanings of a Sunflower.

Silver letter ares made individually and measures approximately 1cm

All Sally’s Sunflowers Joy & Sunshine Citrine & Rose Quartz wellness bracelets are made to measure to your individual wrist size with the Citrine and Rose Quartz varying in size making each bracelet a individual one off.

Inspired By Sally

 Who always turned her face towards the sunshine in search of the light just as Sunflowers do and spread sunshine wherever she went …


I donate 20% of the profit from each purchase is to Primrose Hospice Children’s Bereavement Team   supporting children and teenagers dealing with the loss of a loved one… http://www.primrosehospice.co.uk

Spread The Sunshine

I also include a packet of Sally’s Sunflower Seeds with each purchase to Spread The Sunshine wherever you are and help the environment too as Sunflowers huge smiling faces are giant landing pads for bees and other pollinating insects.

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Thank You for helping me to Spread The Sunshine



Additional information


Yellow crystal that radiates positivity and vibrant energy

Silver Clay

Eco Silver Clay

Rose Quartz

Pink crystal that radiates unconditional love


Eco Silver Sunflower Talisman


Motivational Word

Silver Wire

Recycled Silver Wire


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