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How The Seeds For Sally’s Sunflowers Were Sown


Sowing Seeds Of Love…


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Hello Sunshine !

Thank you for popping by to read our story – Sowing Seeds Of Love…

Let me introduce myself…

I’m Gilly,

Designer Maker, sunshine chaser and founder of Sally’s Sunflowers by Gilly Page Jewellery.

A collection of joyful eco silver jewellery responsibly sourced and organic clothing & accessories inspired by Sally…

Who always turned her face towards the sunshine in search of the light just as Sunflowers do and spread sunshine wherever she went …

Let me tell you more…


Our Story… Sowing Seeds Of Love

Once upon a time one balmy Summer’s evening two girls met in the garden of a country pub in deepest Worcestershire.

A bunch of students celebrating the end of A levels is where the seeds for our friendship were sown.

Introduced by my boyfriend at the time – the boyfriend became history but our friendship endured…

I did not know then what a profound effect that red headed, bubbly, fun loving, life loving, resilient, strong joyful girl would have on my life going forward… Sally

We made our own best friend history over an incredible 36 years !

I had always longed for a sister and she was it … that cheesy line sister from another Mr !

We left our teenage years behind and went through our 20’s, 30’s and 40’s together writing our own book of adventures.

we laughed, we cried, we loved,  we lost, we married, we became mothers.

Working our way through a life changing Cancer diagnosis that she navigated with incredible positivity, hope, strength and resilience.

Most of all Sally had an overwhelming joy for life and she quite simply astounded me.

Sunflowers were Sally’s favourite flower and symbolise positivity, joy, hope, happiness, love, strength, resilience and friendship.

All of which epitomised how Sally lived her life and how I try to live mine.


 Inspiration… Sowing Seeds Of Love


Sally was diagnosed with mouth Cancer at 35 which caused facial disfigurement and impeded her speech and ability to eat.

Instead of hiding away from the world Sally ran headlong into every day with perfect make up and a burst of brightness, positivity, joyfulness and sunshine.

Perfectly Imperfect in her own special way.

15 years of living with her cancer and boy did she squeeze every last drop of living out of every day.

Sally never once said ‘Why Me’ and never, ever complained…

Sally never defined herself by her diagnosis and never let anyone define her by it…

There were dark days where it was hard to find the sunshine.

Sally always managed to find a pop of positivity or pocket of joy.

Forever hopeful of the dark days passing and the sun to shine once more…

Non more so than when she found an ingenious way of being able to enjoy cake !

Sally LOVED Cake and was an amazing baker but Sally was restricted by a liquid diet…

This was not going to stop her !

Armed with a slice of her chosen cake, double cream, blender and a straw … cake smoothly anyone ?!?



Sunshine Over Sorrow … Sowing Seeds Of Love


When Sally’s Cancer returned for a third and final time she was unable to speak …

She knew that I had let my artisan jewellery business Gilly Page Jewellery slide into the shadows.

 I was on the verge of giving up my creative dreams struggling to come to terms with life without her in it…

 Sally scribbled a note on a piece of paper making me promise to keep going and not to give up…

I kept that promise and that piece of paper…

When my darling girl finally went to dance amongst the stars I created Sally’s Sunflowers by Gilly Page Jewellery.

sallys sunflowers logo 

To continue to spread the sunshine and her legacy.

Positivity, joy, hope, happiness, love,strength, resilience, friendship and Sunflowers from my little corner of the world to yours.

I created a silver Sunflower charm and donated 100% of the profit to Primrose Hospice who looked after her in her final days.

  Silver Sunflower Charm


To create the Sunflower room a place of peace, tranquility and calm for patients and their families …

Bloom & Grow
Sowing Seeds Of Love


Since the seed for that first little silver sunflower was sown Sally’s Sunflowers has bloomed and grown.

Sally’s Sunflowers is a collection based on all the things that Sally loved as a woman, mother and friend …

 Eco Silver Jewellery – My promise to her …

Make -Up Bag – She loved it and was brilliant at applying it…

Not to cover her scars but to enhance them as she accepted them with positivity and love…

To her they meant another day, month, year with her darling boy … the love of her life…

 Coffee Mug – she loved the social buzz of meeting friends for a coffee even if she couldn’t eat the cake … Cake smoothies are yet to catch on !!!

Canvas Shoppers – she could make shopping an Olympic sport and always had one to hand … just in case !!!

Cosy Cushions  to lounge on the sofa getting engrossed in a magazine or binge watching her favourite TV programmes.

Snuggly Hoodies & Sweatshirts  to watch her darling boy play rugby or walk the dogs.

Simple things we can all identify with and are part of our daily lives.

Sally's Sunflowers 'Spread The Sunshine' Eco Natural Canvas Make-Up/Wash Bag
Sally’s Sunflowers ‘Spread The Sunshine’ Eco Natural Canvas Make-Up/Wash Bag

Sunshine & Happiness Care Package

Sally's Sunflowers Spread The Sunshine Eco Canvas Bag For Life
Sally’s Sunflowers Spread The Sunshine Eco Canvas Bag For Life
Sally’s Sunflowers 'Spread The Sunshine' Hoodie
Sally’s Sunflowers ‘Spread The Sunshine’ Hoodie



Made With Meaning Worn With Feeling…

 Sowing Seeds Of Love

20% of the profit from each purchase is donated to Primrose Hospice Children’s Bereavement Team supporting children and teenagers dealing with the loss of a loved one…

A packet of Sally’s Sunflower seeds is included with each purchase to spread the sunshine where you are and help the environment too.

Sunflowers huge smiling faces are giant landing pads for bees and other pollinating insects.

    Sally’s Sunflowers Hello Sunshine Sunflower Seeds Pack  Sowing Sally’s Sunflower Seeds - Molly The Happy Rainbow   Sunflower Love & Friendship

Wearing or having Sunflowers close to you radiates a sense of joyfulness, positivity, happiness, energy and friendship.

Colour psychology and how it affects your mood associates yellow with sunshine,hope,laughter,warmth,happiness & energy

If Positivity is your superpower

Sunshine  is your state of mind  

Happitude is your attitude

Jump aboard the sunshine bus and spread the sunshine with us.

The Sally’s Sunflowers collection is a dose of vitamin C sunshine for the soul.

To wear and use every day to remind you that positivity is your superpower.l



Browse the Sally’s Sunflowers Collection to find you piece of sunshine.


To keep up to date with all things Sunflowers and sunshine read our blog here

Sending you love and sunshine





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