Sally’s Sunflowers ‘Spread The Sunshine’ Silver Sunflower Stud Earrings


Sally’s Sunflowers ‘Spread The Sunshine Silver Sunflower stud earrings made in memory of Sally with 20% of profits from each purchase donated to Primrose Hospice Children’s Bereavement Team Supporting children and teenagers dealing with the loss of a loved one …


These Sally’s Sunflowers ‘Spread The Sunshine’ silver Sunflower stud earrings are handmade to order by me, Gilly in memory of my best friend Sally who finally lost her battle with Cancer …

Sally’s favourite flowers were Sunflowers and she always turned her face towards the light in search of the sunshine just as Sunflowers do even in her darkest days when those around her were struggling to find the light …

I have created the Sally’s Sunflowers Collection including these ‘Spread The Sunshine’ silver stud earrings to raise money for the Primrose Hospice who looked after her in her final days and will be donating 20% of the profit from each sale to the Primrose in her memory.
These Sally’s Sunflowers Spread The Sunshine stud earrings are hand drawn using eco silver clay and sterling silver ear posts, each pair are hand made individually making each pair completely unique just as Sunflowers are.

Sally spread sunshine wherever she went and I want to continue to ‘Spread The Sunshine’ in her memory so I will be including a packet of Sally’s Sunflower seeds with each sale from the Sally’s Sunflowers Collection to not only ‘Spread The Sunshine’ wherever you are but help the environment too as Sunflowers huge smiling faces are giant landing pads for Bees and other pollinating insects.

Gilly 🌻


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