The Power of The Sunflower

Whilst Sunflowers huge smiling faces can’t but help but bring a smile to your face they are so much more …
They are eco warriors in their own right as their huge smiling faces are giant landing pads for bees and other pollinating insects.

Sunflowers provide a fun family activity to do with your little ones and not so little ones as you can plant the seeds, water and watch them grow together and have a competition to grow the tallest Sunflower – it’s amazing how competitive it can get !

Giant Sunflowers can grow to 6ft high or sometimes taller so as they grow you will need to support their stalks to keep them growing tall and strong, garden canes are often used but why not make your own Sunflower supports by collecting sturdy sticks and small branches that have been blown or fallen to the floor naturally.

Paint personalised sunflower signs using small terracotta plant pots turned upside down and perched on top of a sturdy stick.
Pop some crushed seashells or shale around the base of your Sunflowers when planted outside to keep slugs at bay who just love Sunflowers !
Sunflowers turn their faces towards the sunshine in search of the light so you are able to observe them following the source of sun slight throughout the day.

At the end of their flowering season you can harvest the seeds to plant again next year by detaching their heads from the stalks and leaving them to try in the sun or a warm place then pulling them apart to reveal the seeds – did you know that a single Sunflower head dependent on the size can contain up to 2000 per head !

You can also hang the heads upside down or lay them flat on a bird table for birds to feast on during the Autumn and Winter months.

There is a huge variety of Sunflowers available from giant Sunflowers ideal for planting in the garden to dwarf varieties that can be grown in pots for smaller spaces such as balconies, court yards or where space is at a premium.
Sunflowers can even be grown indoors for some winter sunshine in pots on a window ledge, conservatory, garden room or porch as long as there is light and warmth.

The symbolism of Sunflowers turning their faces towards the sunshine in search of the light evokes optimism and positivity and their bright shining faces is sunshine for the soul.

Did you know that there are some wonderful Sunflower fields nationwide that you can visit and many offer the option of being able to pick your own Sunflowers – ideal for you to be able to enjoy their smiling faces whilst in flower and then being able to harvest the seeds to plant the following Spring or to feed the birds during the colder months
Here are some Sunflower fields that you might like to visit.

Glebe Farm Sunflowers – Banbury, Oxfordshire –

Beckett’s Farm – Birmingham –

Writtle Sunflowers – Chelmsford, Essex –

Rhosili Sunflowers – Gower Coast – Wales www.national

Vine House Farm – Lincolnshire –

Sam’s Sunflowers at Stoke Fruit Farm –

Hitchin Sunflowers –

You can find a full list of Sunflower Farms to visit nationwide online.