Sally’s Sunflowers Shine Christmas Tea Towel


Shine Christmas Tea Towel Gift Bag is perfect for festive food fun preparations and as a festive Christmas gift


This Sally’s Sunflowers Shine Christmas Tea Towel are 100% eco cotton and comes gift wrapped in a eco cotton shine gift bag. A hand written and illustrated gift card can be added on request and can be sent directly to the recipient.


This Sally’s Sunflowers Shine Christmas Tea Towel is the perfect way to add a little sparkle and shine to Christmas food preparations and makes the perfect festive gift.

A packet of Sally’s Sunflower Seed Bird Food is included with every purchase to help feed our birds through the cold Winter months until it is Sunflower Seed planting time once again in the Spring and it will be the Bees turn as Sunflowers huge smiling faces are giant landing pads for Bees and other pollinating insects.


20% of the profit from each purchase is donated to Primrose Hospice Children’s Bereavement Team supporting children and teenagers dealing with the loss of a loved one …


Gilly 🌻

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