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As the the days are starting to get longer and the first signs of Spring are starting to appear it is time to start thinking about planting your Sally’s Sunflower Seeds.

You can plant your seeds and nurture them indoors in little pots or a seed tray or why not be inventive, anything that can hold compost can be used – why not used recycled tin cans or yoghurt pots with holes in the bottom for drainage.

Firstly, choose your pots or containers or make your own using air drying clay – I am going to be making my own using clay from

Pop some compost in your pots or containers I cm below the rim – peat free multi-purpose compost is best.

Put 1 seed per pot or container or if you are using a seed tray 1 seed per compartment

Water until the compost is moist but not soaking wet – water them regularly to make sure the compost does not dry out.

Pop them on a window ledge or somewhere bright and sunny

You should see little shoots start appearing in a couple of weeks – as the Sunflower seedlings begin to grow taller you will need to support them – again why not be inventive by using coloured pencils or sticks collected from a walk – but remember only collect sticks that are on the floor – never break sticks or branches from trees.

You can plant your Sally’s Sunflower Seeds indoors now for some indoor sunshine or if you plant them around April you can nurture your seedlings indoors until the frosts have passed and then plant them outside.

Sunflower seedlings that have been planted and nurtured indoors need to be introduced to the outdoors slowly so that it not too much of a shock for them moving from a warm and cosy indoor environment to the outside.

Start off by putting your sunflower seedlings outside during the day and then bring them in at night – do this for a couple of weeks before leaving them outside permanently and transferring your Sunflower seedlings into the ground.

Once you have planted your seedlings outside it is a good idea to protect your young Sunflower seedlings as slugs, snails, mice, rabbits and other animals love baby Sunflowers as a tasty snack !

You can make a good baby Sunflower protector by up cycling a plastic milk container by cutting off the bottom – ask for a grown ups help when doing this – then popping over the top of your baby Sunflower which will protect the stem while allowing the Sunflower room to grow out of the top.

Gravel and broken egg shells put around the base of your Sunflowers makes and uneven surface which Slugs and Snails don’t like which will also help to protect your Sunflower seedlings.

Remember to keep watering your Sunflowers if the weather is dry and without rain and as your Sunflowers grow taller and stronger they may need a little support so your can tie the stem to a garden cane using garden twine or ribbon – just remember not to damage the stem by tying the string or ribbon too tight.

Here is the lovely @mollythehappyrainbow – Sally’s Sunflowers Sunshine Kids Ambassador planting her Sally’s Sunflower Seeds.

Happy planting I would love to see your pictures



Gilly 🌻

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